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NEAC Distinguished Speakers Bureau

Host a Leading Scholar in Japanese or Korean Studies at Your College  
or University.

NEAC Provides the Honorarium and Most Travel Costs—Your Institution  
Just Covers the Local Expenses.

The Distinguished Speakers Bureau of the Northeast Asia Council (NEAC)  
of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) supports public  
presentations by senior scholars in Japanese and Korean studies at  
American colleges and universities, especially those without  
well-established programs on East Asia.  The roster of NEAC  
Distinguished Speakers includes twelve prominent experts in Japanese  
and Korean history, anthropology, literature, religious studies,  
politics, linguistics, art, and contemporary affairs.

Colleges and universities may apply to host one of the leading  
scholars of Japan and Korea who are members of the NEAC Distinguished  
Speakers Bureau.  The invited speaker would be expected to give at  
least one formal, public lecture (chosen from a broad list of topics)  
as well as meet with classes and interact extensively with host  
faculty and their students while on campus.  NEAC grant monies fund  
the honorarium and air travel for the NEAC Distinguished Speaker, up  
to the amount of the approved NEAC grant award, and the host  
institution is responsible for all local costs (food, lodging,  
marketing, airport transfer, etc.).

The NEAC Distinguished Speakers Bureau, newly established in 2011, is  
supported by funds generously provided by the Japan-United States  
Friendship Commission (JUSFC) and the Korea Foundation (KF).

Please see the AAS website for further details and application forms:


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