[KS] Koreans in Beijing ca. 1810

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Fri Dec 14 20:16:49 EST 2012

And Dr. Sargent, you are sure you are not playing a prank on us, no? No 
1st of April in December? For a moment I thought you wanted us to find 
Sun Yunshou in Yahoo!

>>  孫筠綬 and 若褱

孫筠綬 would be "Sun Yunshou" if Chinese and "Sŏng Kyun-su" (성균수) if 
Korean. And 若褱 is "Ruohuai" (resp. "Ruo Huai") in Chinese and "Yahu" (
야후 .. the way search engine Yahoo! is transcribed into Han'gŭl … 
could also be "Yak Hu") in Korean. You did not provide any context of 
the text you may have, except of the relation to the famous Qing 
scholar-official Ruan Yuan 阮元(1764-1849). We therefore would not 
know if this question makes sense--but let me ask: are you sure these 
two people are Koreans and not Chinese? There seems to be an otherwise 
unknown Chinese scholar artist of the name Sun Yunshou 孫筠綬 and his 
younger brother Sun Ruohuai 孫若褱. See here: 
http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/18456/lot/66/  I doubt there were any 
even minor Korean scholars with the names Sŏng Kyun-su and Yak Hu. If 
these are indeed Korean names, then they were most likely only minor 
officials coming with the Korean delegations to China. 

Best regards,
Frank Hoffmann

On Fri, 14 Dec 2012 10:24:12 -0800 (PST), Dr. Stuart H. Sargent wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> I am writing in hopes that some of you are experts on Sino-Korean 
> relations in the early nineteenth century. I am trying to identify 
> two individuals, one or both of whom may have been Korean. Their 
> names are 孫筠綬 and 若褱. If my hypothesis is correct, they were in 
> Beijing around 1810 and were acquainted with Ruan Yuan 阮元, who is 
> known to have had fruitful intellectual exchanges with Korean 
> emissaries about that time. 
> With the kind help of our Korean-language librarian at Stanford, I 
> have searched the basic sources, but with no success. I've spent my 
> entire career wishing I could have found time to learn Korean, but 
> Chinese and Japanese are my only Asian languages so far, so I am 
> dependent on the good will of specialists like you to at least point 
> me in the right direction.
> Thank you in advance for your assistance. I'd be happy to give 
> further details on 孫筠綬 and 若褱 upon request.
> Stuart Sargent
> Visiting Scholar
> Stanford University

Frank Hoffmann

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