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Some on these lists may already have received  this.
I wanted to be sure that everyone  does.
The Ogle name will be known to many of a certain  age,
not least for George's  at the time eye-opening book 
South Korea: dissent within the economic miracle (1990).
In 2007 he was placed #7 on the Korea Times'  list of
foreigners most remembered in South  Korea:
I'm surprised they've had to resort to Xlibris.
But maybe this is less of a hassle than dealing
with academic publishers.
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_Our  Lives in Korea and Korea in Our Lives_ 
By  George Ogle and Dorothy Ogle
Because  he prayed in public for eight men who were tortured, forced to 
make false  confessions and were sentenced to death by South Korea’s military  
dictatorship, in 1974 George Ogle was deported from the country where he had 
 worked as a missionary for 20 years. 
Two  months later when Dorothy and the four Ogle children left Korea, 
friends and  colleagues commissioned them to “Go tell our story.” After the 
South Korean  people ended the military dictatorship in 1987, the story changed 
from the  struggle for democracy and human rights to a story of the Korean 
movement for  peace and reunification of their divided nation. 
Compelling  and comprehensive, Our Lives in Korea and Korea in Our Lives is 
not only the  Ogles’ personal memoirs of living in South Korea from 
1954-1974 and later  visiting both the North and South, it is an effort to tell the 
story of the  Korean people as the authors experienced it directly, and as 
it has come to  them by closely following the evolving history through 
almost 60 years.  
The  book highlights the hope and promise of President Kim DaeJung’s “
Sunshine  Policy” of constructive engagement with North Korea and is written to 
give  readers around the world a vision for ending the Korean War to bring 
peace,  prosperity and reconciliation to all of the Korean people.  
FORMAT:  Softcover   $23.99
FORMAT:  Hardcover:   $34.99
To  order from Xlibris call 1-888-795-4274
It  is also listed on Amazon.com (since it is print on demand, they say it 
takes  7-13 days for the paperback.   Hardcover is in stock at the moment.
It  should soon be listed on BarnesandNoble.com
We  are taking a month long trip, so we are not ordering books for resale, 
at  least for right now.  By the time  we pay shipping to our house and then 
resend, there is not much  savings.

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