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Wed Jan 4 16:20:04 EST 2012

The Institute of East Asian Studies at UC Berkeley is pleased to announce
that the first issue of its new, interactive e-journal "Cross-Currents: East
Asian History and Culture Review" is now online. 

The theme of the inaugural issue is "Territoriality and Space Production in
China" (guest edited by You-tien Hsing, professor of Geography at UC
Berkeley). Visit http://cross-currents.berkeley.edu
<http://cross-currents.berkeley.edu> and click on the e-journal link to read
articles, book review essays by Robert Weller (Boston University) and Helen
Siu (Yale), and abstracts of readings from Asia. The e-journal also features
a photo essay by Wang Jiuliang documenting the garbage crisis in Beijing.

The March 2012 issue, guest edited by Kären Wigen (Stanford), will feature
articles on "Japanese Imperial Maps as Sources for East Asian History: The
History and Future of the Gaihōzu." 

A joint enterprise of IEAS and the Research Institute of Korean Studies at
Korea University (RIKS), "Cross-Currents" offers its readers up-to-date
research findings, emerging trends, and cutting-edge perspectives concerning
East Asian history and culture from scholars in both English-speaking and
Asian language-speaking academic communities. This English-language journal
includes scholarship on material from the 16th century to the present day
that has significant implications for current models of understanding East
Asian history and culture.

Embedded in a web-based platform with functions for collaboration,
discussion, and an innovative editing and publishing process, the journal
uses new technologies to facilitate a dialogue among East Asia scholars
around the world that is enhanced by audio-visual and multilingual
capabilities. The semiannual print issues of "Cross-Currents" (University of
Hawaii Press) will feature content selected from its peer-reviewed,
quarterly online counterpart for its scholarly excellence and relevance to
the journal's mission. An editorial board consisting of established scholars
in Asia and North America provides oversight of the journal.

"Cross-Currents" is now accepting article-length submissions for review.
Complete information for authors is available on the journal's website.

For further information, please contact:
Keila Diehl, Ph.D. 
Managing Editor 
Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review 
Institute of East Asian Studies, UC Berkeley 
2223 Fulton Street, 6th Floor 
Berkeley, CA 94720-2318 
(510) 643-5104
Email: crosscurrents at berkeley.edu
Visit the website: http://cross-currents.berkeley.edu



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