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Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Wed Jan 4 09:27:13 EST 2012

Dear All:

Certainly not too late to wish you all a Happy New Year!

Just a brief note about http://koreaweb.ws :

During the past three four weeks I have completely redesigned and 
updated the "KoreaWeb.ws" website -- 80% of that has been done 
already. The basic character of the site is the same as it has always 
been, since 1993 actually, but now with the usual technical bells and 
whistles that can be expected in 2012. That means, the list of links 
has been reduced to those I consider essential as well as useful for 
newcomers and students of Korean Studies, and also those that many in 
the field may use often (as best as I can judge). In addition there 
is e.g. a video section, a special convenient news search engine 
implementation, and so on.

I am posting this now, before the update is completed, because the 
death of the North Korean dictator has stirred some additional 
interest in the North of the country. And I wanted to point out, 
although many of you may already be aware of this, that you can 
actually watch NORTH Korean TV (KCTV) online ... however depressive 
that may make you--it is being streamed from a station in Seoul (that 
fact was covered widely in the press two three months ago). But I 
noticed, and this also depends on your computer's operating system 
AND version, that there are various problems with reception (e.g. 
64-bit vs. 32-bit kernels ... 32-bit is required.) You can receive 
the station via a stream on KoreaWeb.ws; that should really work for 
all systems. It is technical the same stream via that station in 
Seoul, just using different streaming software. Broadcast times are 5 
PM to 11 PM KST.
For a smaller image see the "NEWS" section link (in the frame, 
written vertically); for a larger image, see the "DPRK" page, top 
right there.

Apart from this, you will note that this Korean Studies Discussion 
List (which is hosted on the website) gets now more exposure, is more 
accessible to the general public, as it is now also archived in FORUM 
format--you see the links on the main page at http://koreaweb.ws .

Best wishes,
Frank Hoffmann

Frank Hoffmann

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