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Tracy L. Stober tracys2 at uw.edu
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Dear Korea Studies list serve: 

I found this blog/podcast site today and thought some of you may be interested.  Korea Kontext : A behind-the-scenes conversation with the scholars, artists, and opinion-makers who bridge our two worlds.


The most recent blog post/podcast was on Thursday January 5, 2012 and "the latest edition of Korean Kontext focuses on the recent death of Kim Jong-il and the prospects for North Korea under the stewardship of his son, Kim Jong-un.  In this special length episode recorded in the United Kingdom, host Chad O’Carroll spoke to four European experts and practitioners: Dr. Aidan Foster-Carter; 2) Mr. Andray Abrahamian (the Executive Director of Chosun Exchange - a not-for-profit focusing on educational issues in the DPRK); 3)  Ms. Marie-laure Verdier (a specialist studying humanitarian NGOs active along the China-North Korea border; and 4) Mr. Gareth Johnson (a British entrepreneur who lives in China and does business in North Korea)."

Each blog post has a podcast/interviews associated with it.  

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