[KS] calling for book proposals, on contemporary Korea

Do Hyun Han dohyunhan at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 19:25:29 EST 2012

Dear colleagues,

I have posted this message on the group-page of Koreanists in the facebook.

"Calling for book proposals...on contemporary Korea"

Does anybody have an unpublished manuscript or a solid plan to finish
a book manuscript in one year and half? Any topic on contemporary
Korea (1960-2010).

The goal is to publish quality books in academic presses in North
America or UK.

I have to write an implementation plan for a big grant the AKS has
recently got from the Ministry of Education to promote publciations on
contemporary Korea in English at a distinguished academic press in
North America or UK.

Single authored book is preferred...Translation of Korean materials
into English (on contemporary Korea) is also to be considered.
A few solid conference volumes will be considered as well.

In the implementation plan, I have to write the name of authors,a
short book description, authors' brief CV.

The implementation plan should be approved by the Research committee,
the executive committee of the AKS. I think this program will start
officially in late March after the approval.

Any comments or recommendation of authors will be greatly appreciated.
We will ask prospective authors or editors which publishers in the UK
or North America may be interested to publish their manuscripts.

This program is to be managed as a team, thus, we do not send out a
formal call for application wth official application forms and
guidelines. Most bureaucratic processess will be covered by the
Research office in the AKS.

You may send us your suggestions on terms and conditions as well.

With best regards,

Do Hyun Han
Professsor of Sociology,
Academy of Korean Studies
Director, Institute for Modern Korea

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