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Dear list members,
We are pleased to announce the publication of the Winter 2011 issue of the Korea Journal (vol. 51, no. 4). This issue contains eight papers dealing with a variety of topics pertaining to Korean Studies and an insightful book review of Patrick McEachern’s Inside the Red Box: North Korea’s Post-Totalitarian Politics. All of the papers and the book review in this issue have been selected through a rigorous peer review process by the journal’s editorial board as well as guest reviewers.
The first paper by Lee Haeng-hoon reviews the historical processes of how the concept of philosophy was constructed in modern Korea and also how its representations were used; as well as the pattern of changes that the concept of philosophy brought about in the traditional knowledge system of modern Korea.
The second paper by Cha Hyewon tries to shed new light on the relations between China and its tributary states by adopting a more flexible approach that goes beyond the boundary of the tribute system. For this purpose, the paper clarifies the characteristics of the tributary relations between Ming China and Joseon Korea while comparing them with those relations between other tributary states and the Ming.
Chaisung Lim’s paper explores the structural aspect of disease and death in colonial Korea by examining the whole picture of the Spanish influenza, which was pandemic during 1918-1921, and its socioeconomic effects.
Chu Chinoh’s paper intends to shed light on how relations between Korea and Japan proceeded one hundred years ago. In this regard, instead of focusing on the history of Japan’s invasion of Korea, the paper explores whether the recognition of and response to the Japanese threat had been appropriate or adequate, focusing on the role of the Independence Club and the Korean government.
Andrew S. Johnson’s paper explores the cultural and ideological factors that conditioned U.S. policy in Korea during the early period of U.S.-Korean relations (1882-1905) and Washington’s de facto pro-Japan policy, with a focus on the nature and origins of the early American discourse on Korea.
The sixth paper co-authored by Sehee Han, Heaseung Kim, and Hee-Sun Lee examines the relationships between social capital and health/well-being in Seoul, South Korea, based on the data collected from all 25 districts in Seoul from June 2009 to September 2009.
Baik Seungsuk’s paper analyzes the pro-Japanese discourse represented in the play Kim Dong-han, which Kim Yeong-pal wrote about a historical figure named Kim Dong-han (1893-1937), a prominent pro-Japanese and anticommunist political figure in colonial Manchuria.
The last paper by Sang-Hee Cho examines the differences in the quality of life perceptions of the residents of Hadong, a designated slow city of South Korea, and Busan, a metropolitan city on the southeastern coast of the Korean peninsula, for the purpose of elucidating the legitimacy of the selection of slow cities and establishes the value of slow cities.
This issue’s contents are as follows:
LEE Haeng-hoon / The Historical Semantics of the Modern Korean Concept of Philosophy
CHA Hyewon / Was Joseon a Model or an Exception? Reconsidering the Tributary Relations during Ming China
Chaisung LIM / The Pandemic of the Spanish Influenza in Colonial Korea
CHU Chinoh / Korean Perceptions of Japan during the Great Han Empire and the Japanese Annexation of Korea
Andrew S. JOHNSON / Early American Perceptions of Korea and Washington’s Korea Policy, 1882-1905
Sehee HAN, Heaseung KIM, and Hee-Sun LEE / Social Capital and Its Association with Health and Well-Being: An Individual-Level Analysis in Seoul, South Korea
BAIK Seungsuk / Imperial Nationalism Represented in 1940 Colonial Manchuria: An Examination of Kim Yeong-pal’s Play, Kim Dong-han
Sang-Hee CHO / A Comparative Study of a Slow City and an Urban Region: A Deeper Look into the Quality of Life in Hadong-gun and Busan
David FIELDS / Not Your Father’s Authoritarianism: The Political Landscape of North Korea (Patrick McEachern. 2010. Inside the Red Box: North Korea’s Post-Totalitarian Politics. New York: Columbia University Press)
We would like to take this opportunity to remind list members that submissions of articles and book reviews in the field of Korean studies are always welcome. For further information on submission guidelines, please refer to the journal's web page: http://www.ekoreajournal.net/submission/index.htm. We also would like to wish you all a happy new year and the very best in 2012!
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