[KS] KCTV's hour-long paean to Kim Jong-un yesterday can now be seen in full by all

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Mon Jan 9 16:05:29 EST 2012

>Don't they realize that those of us who don't have the privilege of 
>living in the paradise that is the DPRK will find this entire video 
>more amusing than inspiring?

That Kiim Tszzong-un tongjii movie aired in regular North Korean TV 
and the upload to YouTube was not done by the North Koreans but by 
YouTube user "Nama Productions" in good old Union Square, Somerville, 
MA. (Oh, I miss the good Portuguese restaurants there...). They make 
very sexy, very cute ads for for Heineken beer (also in and for 
China, it seems). Maybe someone there just got inspired by it.

Seems to me the Kiim family is loosing its mojo real fast. At every 
King Ludwig II documentary screening more tears are shed and higher 
beats use, and not even a single castle was shown. Inacceptable! I 
rather watch the EU royals. Don't think dear Tszzong-un can convince 
the world just with Playstation games and East German computer 
specialists in early retirement creating joint ventures.
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Frank Hoffmann

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