[KS] KCTV's hour-long paean to Kim Jong-un yesterday can now be seen in full by all

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Don and Aidan:

I just watched the balance of the video, and must say that however much we try to cast the North Koreans as real people, the DPRK state  propaganda machine is always producing  such material that works more to undermine a serious discussion of the state, society, and leadership.   Such is the power of the visual, most people don't see it necessary to go beyond the quick laugh.  I thought Ruediger Frank's recent essay in Japan Focus was a good corrective on the video.

Or perhaps this has already been mentioned:


Happy New Year All,

Mike Robinson

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Thanks for the link, Aidan. This video is almost like a parody from the Stephen Colbert show.  I wonder if some of the North Koreans who put it together had their tongues in their cheeks!  Don't they realize that those of us who don't have the privilege of living in the paradise that is the DPRK will find this entire video more amusing than inspiring?

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Subject: [KS] KCTV's hour-long paean to Kim Jong-un yesterday can now be seen in full by all

Those who have been pining to see yesterday's KCTV
'documentary' about Kim Jong-un can now do so in full,
already, thanks to the indefatigable Adam Cathcart:

or on YouTube:

There is much jumping for joy.

Happy New Year!

Aidan FC

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