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On 01/19/2012 12:14 AM, McCann, David wrote:

> "set up their site so that..." probably assumes more intent than was
> present in the decision to go with software that does not allow easy
> access to Mac users.  It's a problem I dare say we have all
> encountered here or there in the Korean studies world.  Macs don't
> always speak the language of PC.

The original poster directly requested information on how to harvest 
all the texts on the site, and not on how to make it more 
user-friendly for the Mac. My response was to that, as apparently 
least a few were able to glean.

> And 'webmasters'?  Really?
>Sounds like a good plot for a movie!

"Webmaster" is a standard term for a person principally responsible 
for the maintenance of a large web site (one can readily look this 
up on the Web for confirmation). Nothing exotic about it, worthy of 
making a movie about. If this bends the imagination too much, then I 
suppose I could use the more bland "web administrator" henceforth.

Thanks much to Frank Hoffmann for seeing my point and laying out the 
non-issues in detail.




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