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Junghee Lee dilj at pdx.edu
Thu Jan 26 22:33:28 EST 2012


I would like to announce the position of the Vice Provost for
International Affairs at Portland State University.

We would like to get an excellent vice provost who could help us
develop the International Studies, especially the Korean Studies.  If
you know of someone who has the vision and can help us promoting
Korean Studies, please have them apply for the position.

Vice Provost for International Affairs  1/26/2012

Portland State University seeks a visionary, passionate and
entrepreneurial Vice Provost for International Affairs who will define
the University’s future as a leader in international programs and
academic studies. The next Vice Provost will not only have a strong
record, but also demonstrated success as an administrator, and the
interpersonal skills and technical knowledge needed to inspire
faculty, staff, alumni, and the external community. A successful Vice
Provost will be able to leverage the opportunities that exist across
the academic centers, the international
affairs staff, and the external community. The Vice Provost reports
directly to the Provost, serves on the Council of Academic Deans, and
oversees the ongoing shaping and implementation of structures,
policies, and program initiatives that promote the operation of the
Office of International Affairs (OIA) and the Strategy for
Comprehensive Internationalization.

About Portland State University.
Located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, one of the nation’s most
livable cities, Portland State operates as part of the Oregon
University System (OUS), a network of seven universities located
across the State of Oregon. As the state’s urban public university,
Portland State provides professional education to thousands of
Oregonians; the University applies research to problems of interest to
the city, region, and global society and has developed strengths in
research related
to urban and public affairs, business administration, nanotechnology,
sustainability in the built environment, transportation, health, life
sciences and other emerging fields. Many of its programs are
recognized within their disciplines as leaders in innovation, quality,
and application. PSU is recognized nationally and globally for its
extensive expertise in community based engagement, placing more than
10,000 students in community-university partnerships each year in over
400 community-based learning courses. Portland State has approximately
1,600 faculty members; 900 administrative and research faculty; and
600 staff members. The University enrolls more than 23,000
undergraduate and 5,800 graduate students, roughly 60% of whom are
enrolled on a full-time basis. Portland State has more than 126,000
alumni, roughly two-thirds of whom live in the Portland metropolitan
area. Portland State is the most diverse institution in the Oregon
University System, and the
University offers a relatively affordable, accessible education for
students of all ages.
Approximately 14% of undergraduates are freshmen; 15% are sophomores;
24% are juniors; and 33% are seniors, as well as 8% post-baccalaureate
undergraduates, and 6% are non-admitted undergraduates. Of the total
student body, 24% are graduate students. Approximately 40% of students
at the undergraduate and graduate levels attend PSU on a part time
basis. The vast
majority of students work at least part time, and many both work and
attend school on a full time basis.

Portland State University’s International Mission
Portland State’s international mission is to foster greater
international exposure for students, faculty, staff, and the
community, support interdisciplinary research and professional
training on global issues, and provide leadership in the pursuit of
strategic partnerships across campus and between the campus and the
local, regional, national and international communities that
contribute to global awareness and understanding.

PSU’s international opportunity is furthered by a local economy that
includes the world’s leading economic cluster for athletic wear and
outdoor gear (Nike, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear), and leading
international firms in semiconductors (Intel), renewable energy
(SolarWorld, Vestas), green building (GED), and aircraft components
(Precision Castparts, Boeing). The Port of Portland is the one of the
largest ports on the west coast, with primary trading partners in
Japan, Canada, Korea, China and Malaysia.

With over 1900 international students, PSU has one of the most
international student populations in the OUS system. The top countries
represented by students include Saudi Arabia (428), China (241), India
(165) and Japan (163). In 2012 PSU will begin the third cohort of
Intel scholars from Vietnam, a program that has made PSU a highly
respected university in that country.

The University has developed a distinctive strategy for
internationalizing the campus that fits the broad range of students
attending PSU, including many non-traditional students who are mostly
employed at least part time. Most notable about this strategy is the
large number of two-to-three week faculty led study abroad programs
available to students in locations throughout the world. Among the
notable strengths of internationalization at PSU are a number of
academic centers. The 52 year-old Middle East Studies Center was the
first federally funded center of its kind, and received a Title VI
grant in 2010.

PSU has more than 2000 alumni throughout the countries comprising the
Gulf Cooperation Council, and over the past 5-10 years has sustained a
of nurturing relationships with these alumni through annual receptions
and student tours. Additional centers include the Center for Turkish
Studies, Institute for Asian Studies, the Confucius Institute, and
Center for Japanese Studies.
High-achieving students at PSU with an interest in international
affairs participate in the national Russian Language Flagship Program,
which culminates with a year-long internship at the Russian Flagship
Center in St. Petersburg.
Each of Portland State’s seven colleges and schools plays an important
role on campus and in the community in the development and
implementation of the University’s Strategy for Comprehensive
Internationalization. The Internationalization Council (IC), in
collaboration with the Office of International Affairs, facilitates
and coordinates cross-campus and crosscommunity discussion and
prioritization of the University’s international activities. The IC is
appointed by the Provost and includes representatives of the faculty,
staff and student body.

The Office of International Affairs
The Office of International Affairs represents a half century legacy
of internationalization at PSU, symbolized by being selected for the
NAFSA Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization in 2009
for exemplary campus internationalization.

The Office of International Affairs:
• Provides support for PSU students seeking to study and pursue
internships abroad, for international students studying at PSU
(currently 1976 students), and for mentoring and scholarship programs
that contribute to a high rate of student retention.
• Supports faculty engaged in international scholarship, 100 visiting
international faculty per year, and international community and
university partnerships.
• Contributes to PSU’s international recognition as an urban
university known for
excellence in student learning, innovative research, and community engagement
• Collaborates with the University’s Internationalization Council to
facilitate and
coordinate cross-campus and cross-community discussion and
prioritization of PSU’s international activities.
• Prioritizes research, teaching, and community partnerships that are
globally significant and regionally focused, specifically supporting
the Middle East Studies Center, Center for Turkish Studies, Institute
for Asian Studies, Confucius Institute, and Center for Japanese
The most recent budget for the Office of International Affairs totaled
approximately $6.8 million, of which approximately 60% comes from
central administration and 40% from entrepreneurial activities. The
Office of International Affairs includes 16 professional faculty, 16
directors, managers, and staff, 52 additional paid staff and student
workers, and 24 volunteers and visiting scholars.

The Vice Provost of International Affairs
The Vice Provost for International Affairs works with faculty and
administrators to develop international programs, activities and
curricula that are consistent with the university's mission, and that
foster the preparation of students and faculty for the increasingly
global nature of contemporary life. The Vice Provost is expected to be
active in the external community in order to leverage opportunities
that will further the international mission of the University, while
contributing to international commerce and cultural competency of the
Successfully advancing the University’s international mission requires
that the Vice Provost work closely and collaboratively with a wide
variety of senior administrators, the Office of Student Affairs, the
International Admissions Office, the Office of University Relations,
the Alumni Affairs Office, and the International Studies program. The
Vice Provost works with the Chief Diversity Officer to promote a
campus climate that is inviting and supportive of international
faculty, students, and staff.
The next Vice Provost must have the interpersonal skills needed to
build trusting relationships with a wide variety of individuals across
the campus, community and the world. The successful candidate will
have sufficient technical knowledge about regulations and laws
affecting the functions performed by the Office of International
Affairs to appreciate the complex and demanding work of the staff. He
or she will develop the knowledge and data about the activities of the
Office of International Affairs needed to represent and advocate for
the Office in campus
conversations and deliberations.

Specific responsibilities include:
• Provides full-time administrative and fiscal leadership for the
various units under the
Office of International Affairs: International Student & Scholar
Services, International
Student Life, Education Abroad, International Special Programs, and
the Waseda Oregon Program.
• Contributes to the development and implementation of the
University’s Comprehensive Internationalization Strategy (currently in
its second iteration of development)
• Facilitates and coordinates the University’s major international
activities in each of the seven colleges and schools
• Works closely with the University’s undergraduate International
Studies Program, housed in the College of Arts and Sciences
• Represents PSU in national studies and conferences on international
learning and
• Administers funds for research and curriculum development offered
through annual
internationalization Mini-grant Awards
• Provides leadership and oversight for the Institute for Asian
Studies, Confucius Institute,and the Middle East Studies Center
• Provides advice and specific plans for university-wide short and
long-term strategies for international partnerships, exchange
programs, and international student recruitment;
• Oversees the strategic implementation of international partnerships,
to include
international memoranda of understanding, in consultation with Legal
Counsel and the University Business Office
• Collaborates with the Vice President for Enrollment Management and
Student Affairs and other campus programs to ensure that recruitment
and retention strategies for international students are aligned and
• Encourages a strong intellectual environment through conferences,
support of visiting scholars and other events
• Pursues opportunities that will increase external funding for OIA
programs including
revenue generating programs, grants and contracts, and solicitations
from private donors
• Plans international trips and accompanies the President, Provost and
other senior
administrators as appropriate.
Opportunities and Challenges for the Next Vice Provost
The new Vice Provost will face a number of opportunities and challenges:
• The second iteration of PSU’s internalization strategy has been developed (see
and the new Vice Provost will need to play an active role in
finalizing that strategy and leading the implementation of components
under the purview of the Office of
International Affairs.
• The rapid growth of international students, faculty and programs
during a time of broader budgetary reductions means that the new Vice
Provost will need to further the success of revenue generating
activities, use business development skills to create new activities,
and be effective in raising funds from private donors.
• Ensuring the success of international programs in the future will
require working with the PSU administration to find additional
physical space to accommodate the growth in international students
studying at PSU, PSU students studying abroad, and needed staff.
• The opportunity exists to leverage the considerable intellectual
capacity within the
academic centers such as the Middle East Studies Center and the
Institute for Sustainable Solutions, and the administrative expertise
within the Office of International Affairs to advance the
effectiveness of existing programs, and create new programs.
The successful candidate will have a record of scholarship and
relevant academic experience that qualifies the candidate for the rank
of professor with tenure in a Portland State academic unit.
The candidate will have three or more years of relevant administrative
experience running internationally-related programs, including
curricular area studies and/or strategic exchanges and partnerships,
demonstrate a commitment to international students and faculty,
understand the objectives and goals of the internationalization
initiative, and show evidence of leadership and managerial skills
relevant to the position of Vice Provost. He or she will have a broad
portfolio of relationships and networks throughout the world.
Proficiency in a second language is expected, and the ability to work
successfully in any of the world’s cultures is mandatory.
Compensation Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience.
Nominations and Applications Individuals interested in this
opportunity should submit a cover letter, vita, and a list of 3-5
references. Review of applications by the search committee will begin
on February 25th and continue until the position is filled.

Applications can be submitted by email to kblack at pdx.edu
or mailed to the search contact address below.

Portland State University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer,
and seeks candidates who are committed to the highest standards of
scholarship and professional activities and a campus climate that
supports equality and diversity.

Search Contact:
Kathy Black, School of Business
PO Box 751
Portland State University
Portland, OR 97207-0751

I am also attaching this job description as a file.

Thank you for your attention and helping us to get an excellent vice provost.

Best wishes,

Junghee Lee
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