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Harvard Korean Art Workshop 2012: New Directions
Friday, February 10, 2012
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Porté Seminar Room (S250), CGIS South Building
1730 Cambridge St.
Sponsored by Korea Institute, Harvard University
Co-sponsored by East Asian Art History Program, Harvard University




8:30-9:00         Breakfast 


9:00-10:30  Session I, Part 1: Sites, Rites, and Efficacy


        Chair: Sun Joo Kim, Harvard University

        Discussant: Eun Gyeung Yang, Pusan National University (Visiting Scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute, Harvard University)


        Ah-Rim Park, Sookmyung Women's University (Visiting Scholar, Korea Institute, Harvard University)

        "Newly Discovered Koguryô Painted Tomb at Okto-ri, Yonggang, North Korea"


        Insoo Cho, Korean National University of Arts (Visiting Scholar, Korea Institute, Harvard University)

        "Praying for Good Fortune and Eternal Life: Daoist Immortal Paintings in the Chosôn Dynasty"


10:30-10:45  Coffee Break


10:45-12:15  Session I, Part 2: Sites, Rites, and Efficacy


        Chair: Melissa McCormick, Harvard University

        Discussant: Burglind Jungmann, UCLA


        Hyunsoo Woo, Philadelphia Museum of Art

        "In the King's Bedchamber: Use and Placement of the Chosôn Court Paintings in Taejo-jôn Hall of Ch'angdôk-kung Palace"


        Soojin Kim, Seoul National University (Visiting Fellow, Harvard-Yenching Institute, Harvard University)

        "Diplomacy of Brush-wielding: "Orchid and Rock" Painting Collected in Harvard Sackler Museum"


12:15 -1:30  Lunch


12:30-1:00  Special Lecture by Robert D. Mowry, Harvard University Art Museums


1:30-3:00  Session II: Miraculous Tales and Images

        Chair: Yukio Lippit, Harvard University

        Discussant: Youngsook Pak, SOAS, University of London


        Karen Hwang, Vassar College

        "The Ontology of the Painted Buddha: Amitabha's Welcoming Descent Revisited"


        Youn-mi Kim, Ohio State University

        "At the Intersection of History and Art History: Examination of the Memorabilia of Three Kingdoms

        Entries through Epigraphic and Visual Evidence"


3:00-3:15       Coffee Break


3:15-5:15       Session III: The Emergence of the Modern Subject


        Chair: Sun Joo Kim, Harvard University

        Discussant: Burglind Jungman and Youngsook Pak 


        Sung Lim Kim, Dartmouth College

        "Dalliance with Objects: the Rise of Consumer Culture in Late Chosôn Korea"


        Seunghye Sun, Sungkyunkwan University

        "Crisis and Tradition: Korean Art at the Fin de Siecle"


        Soyoung Lee, Metropolitan Museum of Art

        "Collecting Korean Art at the MET, 1910-1950"


The Korea Institute acknowledges the generous support of the Academy of Korean Studies (Korea) Overseas Leading University Program for Korean Studies Grant at the Korea Institute, Harvard University



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