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Fascinating, Bro. Thanks very much.
Don Kirk

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> After Willian Richard Carles, a few
> weeks ago I put online in my home page   http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/Manchuria1887.html 
>   the account of the journey through Manchuria by
> H.E.M. James, which includes his ascent of what Koreans call
> Baektu-san. the first recorded ascent by "westerners" I
> believe.
> I have now made available online a text reporting a second
> expedition in the same direction which followed soon after,
> led by Charles William Campbell, who was British Vice-Consul
> in Chemulpo. He set off across northern Korea on August 31,
> 1889, intending to reach Baektu-san, not realizing how soon
> winter arrives at those altitudes. his journey was described
> in a British Parliamentary white paper dated 1891, and in "A
> Journey through North Korea to the Ch'ang-pai Shan".
> Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly
> Record of Geography. Vol. XIV., No. 3. March, 1892, pages
> 141 - 161, which is now online through an introductory page
> http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/CampbellNorthKorea.html
> which contains some scattered information about Campbell's
> life as well as the map of his journey.
> Campbell's  account includes an evocation of his
> journey through the Diamond Mountains and I would have
> thought that this was the first visit by a "westerner" but
> have since discovered in the pages of the RASKB Transactions
> the information that "the Diamond Mountains were visited in
> the winter of 1885-6 by a Russian, Pavel Delotkevich, who
> published an account of his journey in 1889 and that this is
> referred to in “Around Korea”, extracts of the 19th
> century published by the Soviet Academy of Sciences, 1959."
> ( Transactions of the RASKB  Vol. 41  pages 3 -
> 56.  "Britons in Korea", by S. J. Whitwell). Would
> anyone know anything more about Pavel Delotkevich?
> Campbell, who was mainly stationed in China, made an
> expedition through Mongolia in 1902 that was also reported
> in a white paper. His name was immortalized by having been
> given to a species of Siberian hamster which he discovered,
> as well as to a variety of hill partridge (he was an amateur
> zoologist).
> Brother Anthony
> RASKB, Sogang University, Dankook University etc

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