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For a a current look at Mount Kumkang, here's a link to a column by me that ran in yesterday's Korea Times after my fourth visit to the region:
Don Kirk

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Dear Brother Anthony
Thank you for your service to the field as always. I have read the White Mountain and it is a great read but I do not have my own copy so it is wonderful that you are digitizing for our Korean scholars benefit. I plan to teach more about travel history in my modern Korean history class in the future, so this is very helpful for students to access. Please write to Tessa Morris Suzuki ( ANU) who has written a book on Diamond Mts travel or Marion Eggart -they will probably point you to the right sources for early travelogues. 

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After Willian Richard Carles, a few weeks ago I put online in my home page   http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/Manchuria1887.html    the account of the journey through Manchuria by H.E.M. James, which includes his ascent of what Koreans call Baektu-san. the first recorded ascent by "westerners" I believe.

I have now made available online a text reporting a second expedition in the same direction which followed soon after, led by Charles William Campbell, who was British Vice-Consul in Chemulpo. He set off across northern Korea on August 31, 1889, intending to reach Baektu-san, not realizing how soon winter arrives at those altitudes. his journey was described in a British Parliamentary white paper dated 1891, and in "A Journey through North Korea to the Ch'ang-pai Shan". Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography. Vol. XIV., No. 3. March, 1892, pages 141 - 161, which is now online through an introductory page http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/CampbellNorthKorea.html which contains some scattered information about Campbell's life as well as the map of his journey.

Campbell's  account includes an evocation of his journey through the Diamond Mountains and I would have thought that this was the first visit by a "westerner" but have since discovered in the pages of the RASKB Transactions the information that "the Diamond Mountains were visited in the winter of 1885-6 by a Russian, Pavel Delotkevich, who published an account of his journey in 1889 and that this is referred to in “Around Korea”, extracts of the 19th century published by the Soviet Academy of Sciences, 1959." ( Transactions of the RASKB  Vol. 41  pages 3 - 56.  "Britons in Korea", by S. J. Whitwell). Would anyone know anything more about Pavel Delotkevich?

Campbell, who was mainly stationed in China, made an expedition through Mongolia in 1902 that was also reported in a white paper. His name was immortalized by having been given to a species of Siberian hamster which he discovered, as well as to a variety of hill partridge (he was an amateur zoologist).

Brother Anthony
RASKB, Sogang University, Dankook University etc

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