[KS] Slides from Kim Il Sung University lecturer's presentation on NK education

James Pearson james at koreabang.com
Mon Jun 4 18:36:09 EDT 2012

Dear All,

Dr. Kim Ji Hyon (Kim Il Sung University) has given me permission to share his slides from his presentation at the University of Cambridge's Faculty of Education last week. These were obviously designed to compliment, not replace, the content of his talk, but they're nevertheless quite interesting to those who weren't in attendance.

The list doesn't allow attachments so, those who contacted me before requesting them will have to get in touch so I can email out the slides individually. Please send me an email (james at koreabang.com) with "NK SLIDES" as your subject if you want a copy.

He is due to speak again next week. If possible, I'll try and get an audio recording for those nowhere near Hogwarts... I mean Cambridge!

James (Cambridge)

james at koreabang.com

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