[KS] Fulbright Forum: Children and Conformity with Elizabeth Kim - June 15th - 7pm

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*Fulbright Forum presents:*

*To Conform or not to Conform?
** The influence of culture and parenting on South Korean preschoolers’
deference to others**
by Elizabeth Kim
*7:00pm* on *Friday, June 15th, 2012*

RSVP by Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

The Korean-American Educational Commission warmly welcomes you to our fifth
Fulbright Forum of the 2011-2012 program year with 2011 Junior Researcher
Elizabeth Kim.

Open to all, the Fulbright Forum serves as a periodic gathering for the
Fulbright family at large, including past and present grantees and friends
of the Commission. To R.S.V.P., please *CLICK
complete the registration form. You may also R.S.V.P. via e-mail to
McFadden (executive.assistant at fulbright.or.kr). Regrets need not reply.

This Forum will be held at *7:00 P.M*. sharp on Friday, June 15th on the
6th floor of KAEC's Mapo-gu building. Following the presentation, a light
reception will be held. Please visit the KAEC website for maps and
directions (http://www.fulbright.or.kr/xe/map).

**To respect both the audience and presenters, guests are asked to please mute
or turn off all cell phones before entering. *PLEASE* make every effort to
arrive on time in order to respect the presenter-- we've had many
latecomers during recent Forums which have been quite disruptive.**

*Presentation Summary*:

When faced with a conflict between their visual judgment and claims made by
a majority, do children trust their own judgment and display autonomy or
trust others and conform to the majority? Moreover, do these decisions
change when the majority is composed of members of the same ethnic group or
outsiders? Previous research found that in the face of conflicting visual
evidence, the rate of conformity to the majority was higher among
Asian-American children than among Caucasian-American children. Liz’s
Fulbright research further explores this cultural difference by examining
preschoolers’ rates of conformity in South Korea, one of the most
ethnically and linguistically homogenous countries in the world. Her
presentation will explore how westernization, parenting, and recent
socio-cultural changes might highlight differences between U.S. immigrant
and South Korean socialization patterns.


Elizabeth Kim completed her B.A. in English Literature at Wellesley College
and received her Ed.M. in Human Development & Psychology at the Harvard
Graduate School of Education. Her academic interests include children’s
trust in testimony, how children learn in cultural and school contexts, and
developmental disorders. She has worked at Harvard Medical
School/Children’s Hospital Boston projects on ADHD and Dyslexia, MIT’s
Imagination Toolbox Educational Software Lab, and the Task Force for Global
Education at the Korean National Commission for UNESCO. Current research
projects focus on understanding how collectivist/individualist
socialization impacts children’s decision-making and cross-cultural
comparisons of parent-child interactions.

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*Elizabeth Kim, Fulbright Junior Researcher 2011-2012*

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