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Dear list members,
This Thursday, June 7th, Prof. Wayne K. Patterson (St. Norbert College, USA) will make a presentation on the American and Japanese policy towards Choseon at the beginning of the 20th century.

Where: The Academy of Korean Studies, the Guesthouse Conference Room A, 4-6 p.m.
The colloquium is organized by the East Asia History Research Center (Director: Prof. Chung Young-soon)

Title: "Korean Immigration to Hawaii, 1903-1905: A New Look at American and Japanese Policy in the Late Choseon Period." 
Most studies of the Japanese takeover of Korea at the beginning of the twentieth century stress concerns about security by the Japanese government.
This presentation will argue that an additional concern of the Japanese Foreign Ministry [Gaimusho] was the potential loss of prestige as a nation if the United States were to pass a Japanese Exclusion Act. 
At the same time, most studies of American policy toward Korea at that time have concluded that the State Department had little interest in Korea and were willing to acquiesce in a Japanese takeover in the mistaken belief that Korea would benefit as a result. 
When the Japanese moved to halt Korean immigration to the United States to preserve its prestige, it had to hide its true intentions from the United States so that there would be no obstacle to its establishment of the Protectorate in 1905.



For those who live in Seoul, the best option will be to take the bus no 9003 from Euljiro 3-ga (bus stop: Jungang Cinema), Euljiro 3ga subway stn. exit 12 - close to the Meyongdong Cathedral) or 9004 from Kangnam Stn.
Prof. Patterson is a great presenter and his research is very detailed and concentrates on a very interesting period of Korean history, therefore we hope to see many of you there.
Agnieszka Smiatacz
The Academy of Korean Studies
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