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Hankuk University of Foreign Studies' Graduate School of Interpretation and
Translation (where I teach) has a translation major at the MA level. It is
not entirely literary translation, but students may take three semesters of
literary translation, either Korean-English or English-Korean. Since the
inception of this major program last year, I have been teaching the K-E
literary translation courses--we have covered contemporary narrative
fiction (short stories), colonial period novels, and "non-novel" genres
such as essays, drama, and poetry.

Ehwa Woman's University's Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation
also has a translation major. Again, it is a general translation major, and
to the best of my knowledge they offer two semesters of literary

I would recommend HUFS GSIT, although I may be a bit biased.

-Charles La Shure

On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 7:16 PM, Angel Misspelled
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> Hello good people on this list,
> I'm curious whether any university in Korea offers a post-graduate program
> in Korean literary translation?
> Also, if there's no such institution in Korea, recommendations for
> universities in other countries are welcome as well, provided the program
> is in either English or Korean.
> Thank you.
> Raoul
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