[KS] Post-graduate course in Korean Literary Translation

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Seoul Women's University's Department of English Language & Literature offers an MA and a PhD in literary translation. The programs are open to men as well. 
Steven D. Capener

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Dear all good people,

we have also at University of Bonn a Korean Translation Studies Program (BA/MA), theory and practical experience.
The MA-Program will start in the next winter semester with only one Asian foreign language, i.e. Korea.

(Until this summer semester two foreign languages were required.)

The main emphasis is put not only on translation of Korean literature but also on other sorts of Korean texts,
texts published for particular purposes, instructions, specification of patents etc.

As I know also at SOAS in London a Korean Translation Program is offered.

All the best to all!

Albrecht Huwe

2012/6/5 Angel Misspelled <angelmisspelled at gmail.com>

Hello good people on this list, 

I'm curious whether any university in Korea offers a post-graduate program in Korean literary translation?

Also, if there's no such institution in Korea, recommendations for universities in other countries are welcome as well, provided the program is in either English or Korean. 

Thank you.


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