[KS] Breve Input Tool for Han'gŭl Romanization

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Sat Jun 16 04:09:59 EDT 2012

Apple Macintosh

For the Apple Macintosh (under OS X) you will quickly get used to this 
simple keystroke combination to type bréves:
Option + b, followed by the base letter
You would then e.g. type:

  ŏ ==> Option + b, and then o
  ŭ ==> Option + b, and then u
  Ŏ ==> Option + b, and then O
  Ŭ ==> Option + b, and then U

For the romanization of Japanese (Hepburn system), on a Mac, this is 
just as easy—use Option + a:

  ō ==> Option + a, and then o
  ū ==> Option + a, and then u
  Ō ==> Option + a, and then O
  Ū ==> Option + a, and then U

Easy enough to remember, yes?

On the new (released July last year) 10.8 (Lion) OS you have further 
options if you set the keyboard driver to "U.S. International - PC" 
(given you use a U.S. keyboard).

For other accents and all kind of characters you seldom use, so you 
would not so easily remember them, simply install the small application 
"PopChar" (http://www.ergonis.com/products/popcharx/). I personally 
prefer *older* versions of that program as it is less 'heavy,' doesn't 
have functions I never need. Ross King kindly introduced me to that 
twenty years ago and I still use it.


The most popular little tool for this purpose seems "AX" 
(http://vulpeculox.net/ax/), a free tool that allows you to easily 
create shortcuts for the accents you often use, and those shortcuts 
then work for all applications.

Frank Hoffmann

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