[KS] Breve Input Tool for Han'gŭl Romanization

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Wed Jun 20 23:36:26 EDT 2012

Dear All:

A last note about this topic:

Mac Keyboard Drivers

Kirk Larsen was so kind to point out to me that for the *Mac* only the 
(original Apple) keyboard driver "U.S. Extended" will work the way I 
described to type ŏ, ŭ, Ŏ … ō, ō … My apologies, I had not realized 
that other keyboard drivers do not have these shortkeys. 

SOLUTION for those of you working with non-U.S. keyboard layouts: 
please consider downloading and installing the special Mac keyboard 
drivers I just created -- for British English, Australian English, 
Canadian English, German, Swiss German, Austrian German, French, Dutch, 
Italian, Danish, and Spanish:
Windows Keyboard Drivers

Also note that *Windows* drivers posted yesterday were updated -- in 
the sense that I added four more drivers. Except for Australian English 
now the same keyboards as just listed above:
Windows XP: http://koreaweb.ws/notebook/WinXP-KJ-keyboards.zip
Windows 7: http://koreaweb.ws/notebook/Win7-KJ-keyboards.zip

For detailed explanations, OR if you have questions, go here:
But you find the same infos in the README texts that comes with each 

Best, and again sorry all this comes as such a mash-up. 

Frank Hoffmann

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