[KS] Breve Input Tool for Han'gŭl Romanization

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Tue Jun 19 03:00:25 EDT 2012

Windows Keyboard Drivers for the Transcription of Korean and Japanese

Below, please find two sets of six keyboard drivers for Windows XP and 
Windows 7, based on these national Windows keyboard drivers:
  (A) "United States-International" 
  (B) "United Kingdom - Extended" 
  (C) "German (Germany)" 
  (D) "French (France)"
  (E) "Italian (142)" 
  (F) "Spanish (Spain)" 

Using keyboard drivers is by far the best and cleanest solution, 
because you can simply install one (or all six, if you want) of these 
adjusted and renamed keyboard drivers--no macro program needs to be 
running, no additional system resources are being used. These drivers 
were created using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC) 
program (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/goglobal/bb964665.aspx), 
tested on a Windows 7 PC and a virtual Windows XP install. 


The installation is safe and will in no way damage your PC. Download 
the appropriate compressed installer files for your Windows system at:
  Windows 7:  http://koreaweb.ws/notebook/Win7-KJ-keyboards.zip
  Windows XP: http://koreaweb.ws/notebook/WinXP-KJ-keyboards.zip

Decompress the file/s you downloaded (.zip format).
Open the folder (make sure it is the correct folder for your Windows 
version, either XP or 7), then open the sub-folder with the language 
you use as main OS language:
  "usa-kj" ==> English (United States) ---> based on "United 
  "uk-kj" ==> British English --> based on "United Kingdom - Extended"
  "de-kj" ==> German --> based on "German (Germany)"
  "fr-kj" ==> French --> based on "French (France)"
  "it-kj" ==> Italian --> based on "Italian (142)"
  "es-kj" ==> Spanish --> based on "Spanish (Spain)"

Within the correct language folder, double-click the file "setup" to 
install the new keyboard driver. The "setup" installer will install the 
files needed. That takes only a few seconds. In case you have an 
anti-virus and anti-malware program installed, you may be asked by that 
program to proceed with the install. (These files are fine, and the 
installer does NOT overwrite any of your already installed keyboard 
drivers either.)

Next step -- activate the newly installed keyboard driver:

Note that you will see the new keyboard driver listed with a name 
ending in "..-KJ-Trans" -- arbitrary naming, but meant to indicate that 
they are (also) for the transcription of Korean (K) and Japanese (J).

Windows 7:
Control Panel --> Clock, Language, and Region --> Change keyboards or 
other input methods --> Change keyboards... --> (under "Default input 
language") pick the just installed new keyboard driver (name ends in 
"..KJ-Trans"), then click "OK" twice

Windows XP:
Control Panel --> Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options --> 
Regional and Language Options --> Language --> (under "Text Services 
..." click) Details.. --> (under "Default input language") pick the 
just installed new keyboard driver (name ends in "..KJ-Trans"), then 
click "OK" twice

Now you should ***reboot*** your computer. In SOME programs the new 
drivers may work without rebooting, in others they will not until you 
have rebooted your PC.


You will be using the 'AltGr' key to produce the brèves and macrons. 
The AltGr key is the Alt key to the right of the space bar 
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AltGr_key) -- alternatively you could hit 
Ctrl + Alt (on the left), but that seems cumbersome.

(A) "United States-Int-KJ-Trans"

  ŏ ==> AltGr + k, and then o
  ŭ ==> AltGr + k, and then u
  Ŏ ==> AltGr + k, and then O
  Ŭ ==> AltGr + k, and then U
  ₩ ==> AltGr + ` [key that also has TILDE ~ ]

  ō ==> AltGr + j, and then o
  ū ==> AltGr + j, and then u
  Ō ==> AltGr + j, and then O
  Ū ==> AltGr + j, and then U
  (¥ ==> AltGr + -  [is already in US-International keyboard, was not 

(B) "United Kingdom Ext - KJ-Trans"
  ... same as above, EXCEPT:
  ₩ ==> AltGr + \  

(C) "German - KJ-Trans"
  ... same as US keyboard above, EXCEPT:
  ₩ ==> AltGr + w

(D) "French KJ-Trans"
  ... same as US keyboard above, EXCEPT:
  ₩ ==> AltGr + w

(E) "Italian - KJ-Trans"
  ... same as US keyboard above, EXCEPT:
  ₩ ==> AltGr + w
  È ==> AltGr + è

(F) "Spanish - KJ-Trans"
  ... same as US keyboard above, EXCEPT:
  ₩ ==> AltGr + w

Remember, this is just an INPUT method, nothing more than that. The 
brèves and macrons are already in the various Unicode fonts on your 
computer. Just to be sure and to avoid any misunderstandings: you can 
hand on any files you created to anyone else with a post-2000 operating 
system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) but without the same keyboard driver/s, 
and those 'special' characters will still be there.

Frank Hoffmann

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