[KS] "Korean Wisdom, " online exhibit of the National Library of Korea

Daisy Larios daisy.larios at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 06:29:54 EDT 2012

Dear Korean Studies List Members,

I spent the last year working at the National Digital Library of Korea
in Seoul, and a good part of that was spent working tirelessly with a
colleague to edit and re-translate an online exhibit of six
collections from the National Library of Korea's digitized holdings.
The resulting website is called "Korean Wisdom," and I wanted to share
our work with you all. You can find the exhibit at
http://collection.nl.go.kr/english/e_main.html, where you'll also find
a link to the Korean version of the site if you wish to visit.


Daisy Larios
 데이지 라리어스
 2011-2012 Luce Scholar
The National Digital Library of Korea
국립중앙도서관 디지털도서관
Digital Planning Division/디지털기획과

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