[KS] The Korean War and The Three Cambridge Spies

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Hello All,

A Korean War researcher forwarded me a TIME Magazine article dated February
20, 1956 in reference to my previous [KS] posting dated January 7, 2010,
Re; *The Korean War and The Three Cambridge Spies*.

The TIME article quoted General MacArthur as saying that the real cause of
his dismissal may have been His "recommendation made in January, 1951 that
a treason trial be instituted to break up a spy ring responsible for
purloining of my top-secret reports to Washington ". Washington flatly
ignored MacArthur's recommendation, dismissing it as a red-herring.

Had Washington acted on MacArthur's recommendation, made four months before
Burgess and MacLean's escape to Moscow, Washington and London could have
caught all three spies red-handed
and lessened the colossal damage that the ongoing war in Korea inflicted on
lives and property.

I believe that this failure of follow-through by the Truman Administration
was the greatest missed opportunity of the Korean War.


Yoo Kwang-On

 The TIME Magazine article;
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