[KS] " Chosun, Be Aware! " Ballad of a Shrimp Crushed by Warring Wales

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Dear friends and colleagues:
The omission of a letter H in this subject line might  create
the erroneous impression that a certain principality in 
the British isles, long under the English yoke, is  among
those harbouring aggressive intentions towards  Korea.
Perish the thought! The Welsh are a peace-loving  nation.
(Unless you are unwise enough to play rugby against  them.)
Wledydd bychain y byd, yn  uno!
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Hello  All, 

This  ballad became very popular among Korean children soon after Japan's  
surrender(August 15, 1945), Russia's advance to North Korea(August 1945) and 
 America's march into the South(September 1945). 

The  ballad reflects the  exact geopolitical situation Korea had been 
facing for  centuries. 


 "조선아 조심해라!"   "  Chosun, Be Aware! "        
미국을 믿지 말고,  Don't Believe America, 
소련에 속지 마라!  Don't Be Cheated by Russia!      
조선아 조심해라,    Chosun, Be Aware,  
일본은 일어선다!  Japan Will Rise Again!              
조선아 조심해자,    Chosun, Be Alert, 
중국에 중화될라!    China May Absorb You! 
( Last two lines were added  later.) 

A few reasons for it's popularity may have been that, the  ballad rhymes 
perfectly in Korean line by line. Also the 3-4, 3-4  pattern matches the 
familiar Korean Sijo(시조) form. 


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