[KS] " Chosun, Be Aware! " Ballad of a Shrimp Crushed by Warring Wales

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Sat Jun 30 05:46:52 EDT 2012

Hello All,

This ballad became very popular among Korean children soon after Japan's
surrender(August 15, 1945), Russia's advance to North Korea(August 1945)
and America's march into the South(September 1945).

The ballad reflects the exact geopolitical situation Korea had been facing
for centuries.

                                  "CHOSUN, BE AWARE!"   BALLAD OF A SHRIMP

                                   *   "조*선아 *조*심해라!"   " Chosun, Be Aware!* "

*            미*국을 *믿*지 말고,    Don't Believe America,

*            소*련에 *속*지 마라!    Don't Be Cheated by Russia!

*            조*선아 *조*심해라,     Chosun, Be Aware,

*            일*본은 *일*어선다!     Japan Will Rise Again!

            *조*선아 *조*심해자,     Chosun, Be Alert,

             *중*국에 *중*화될라!    China May Absorb You!

             ( Last two lines were added later.)

A few reasons for it's popularity may have been that, the ballad rhymes
perfectly in Korean line by line. Also the 3-4, 3-4 pattern matches the
familiar Korean Sijo(시조) form.
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