[KS] Graduate training in Korean history at UPenn

Eugene Y. Park epa at sas.upenn.edu
Fri Nov 9 14:11:25 EST 2012

Dear all,

It's the graduate school application season of the year--at least in the 

For anyone who is thinking about or knows someone thinking about 
graduate training in Korean history at the University of Pennsylvania, I 
would like to note that (s)he should apply for our Department of History 
(http://www.history.upenn.edu/) rather than the Department of East Asian 
Languages and Civilizations (which does not have a standing faculty 
member in Korean studies). For your information: History funds Ph.D. 
students but not M.A. students. Also, applicants should keep in mind 
that the M.A. program is terminal, and the department rarely, if ever, 
admits its M.A. graduate into the Ph.D. program.

As for more information on Korean studies in general at Penn, please 
visit our James Joo-Jin Kim Program in Korean Studies website 



Eugene Y. Park
Korea Foundation Associate Professor of History
Director, James Joo-Jin Kim Program in Korean Studies
University of Pennsylvania

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