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You might consider including those islands, held by South Korea, off North Korea's southwestern coast -- at least five of them, including Yeonpyeong, shelled by NKorea in November 2010. NKorea may not be claiming the islands as such but challenges the Northern Limit Line between the islands and the coast -- and at some stage may claim them as well.
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I have a little chart of East Asian island disputes. Are there any missing from this list, or any inaccuracies as to claimants or anything else? 
Dokdo (Liancourt Rocks)                                          Korea/Japan/North Korea
Kuril Islands                                                                Japan/Russia
Macclesfield Bank                                                       China/Taiwan/Philippines
Matsu Islands                                                              China/Taiwan
Paracel Islands                                                            China/Vietnam/Taiwan
Pedra Branca/Middle Rocks/South Ledge            Malaysia/Singapore
Pratas Islands                                                               China/Taiwan
Quemoy (Kinmen)                                                       China/Taiwan
Ryukyu Islands                                                             Japan/China/Taiwan
Scarborough Shoal                                                      China/Taiwan/Philippines
Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu Islands)                           Taiwan/Japan/China
Socotra Rock (Ioedo)                                                  Korea/ChinaSpratly Islands                                                   China/Taiwan/Malaysia/Philippines/Vietnam/Brunei

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Thanks for that reality check. I too was a little surprised to see such quick endorsement of an ad on the Senkaku/Diaoyu question. Should Japan also be taking out a full-page ad? 
>If we accept the Chinese view, would we go from there to acceptance of the view, already expressed in China, of China's sovereignty over Okinawa? Another complication is that Taipei and Beijing won't  be thinking as one on Diaoyu if the question comes up as to who's in charge. Would the islands go to the closest Taiwan county? What would Beijijng say/do then -- send "fishing" boats to challenge Taiwan control?
>Don Kirk
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>It's great, because whatever happens in the future between the two Chinese republics, the Daiyu islands will end up in China.
>Wow. Is this a forum for objective scholarly debate, or unabashed agitprop? I am sure that any disinterested historian recognizes that the Senkaku/Diaoyu issue in particular is hardly cut-and-dried. Before leaping to any conclusions, it would be nice to see what sorts of evidence and/or arguments form the basis for the above assertion, which strikes this reader as an implicit endorsement of Chinese territorial aggression.
>Paid newspaper advertisements and government announcements are all fine and well, but certainly not sufficient, especially on a forum such as this one.
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