[KS] The Myongji-LG Korean Studies Library

Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Mon Sep 10 02:52:41 EDT 2012

I had no idea that Myeongji University had made part of their Myongji-LG Library accessible online. The basic Info and access is at http://www.e-coreana.or.kr/info/engSystemInfo.jsp  where it says that so far about 30% is up and running: "full-text images of 638 old books [about Korea] in western languages along with their indexes, tables of contents in Korean and full bibliographic information. Users can also access to the digital database with indexed terms retrieval system. Now the library on-line system provides full-text images of about 30% of the major collection through national portal service. In addition, mobile web service is possible for some full-text images of about 70 illustrations and 120 photographs."

The list of books published in the US is at http://www.e-coreana.or.kr/classic/nation_se_02.jsp?doc_country=USA etc etc etc  For a lot of titles, OCR text that can be copied is available page by page alongside the image . . .   Or you can view the complete list (titles by alphabetical order) at http://www.e-coreana.or.kr/classic/fractionate_se_02.jsp  etc etc

Brother Anthony
Sogang University, Dankook University, RASKB

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