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I am working on a research about Pyongyang urban planning. I have found
some difficulties, as one may expect with DPRK, with determining certain
facts, dates and locating some sites. I hope someone in the list could
help me with one or more of these many questions!
1.       Korean Central History Museum : it used to be on Moran Hill
before 1977 (it is said to have opened there in 1945). Where was it
located ? 
2.       It was closed for renovation until recently. Has it reopened?
3.       Korean Revolution Museum : before being behind the Grand
Monument of Mansudae (1972), where was it located? It was supposed to be
founded in 1948 under the name of Central State Museum of the Liberation
Fight (I translate from French).
4.      The Korea Art Gallery had been closed for "renovations" for
years. When has it reopened? (If it has). Was it opened first in 1954 or
5.       Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum : it is said to
have opened initially in August 1953, but before being rebuilt in its
actual location in 1974, where was it located?
6.       Chris Springer says that the Three-Revolutions Exhibition
opened in 1993 (I have 1992 in another source.), on the site of a former
"exhibition". Does anybody know what kind of exhibition it was ?
7.       Was the USS Pueblo moved from Wonsan to Pyongyang in 1999? (I
found different dates).
8.       Does anybody know where are located the fast food restaurant,
the new Italian restaurant and the micro-brewery?
9.       Does anybody know the date of construction of Mansudae Art
Studio? And why it was named this way despite the fact that it is not in
Mansudae area?
10.   When was the Kim Il Sung Stadium first built (before the
extensions and renovations of the 1970's and 1980's, when it was still
called the Moranbong Stadium)?
11.   From when the site of Anhak palace in Taesong area has been
"discovered" and opened to the public?
12.   When did the so-called mausoleum or tomb of Tangun open to the
public: 1993 or 1994?
Thank you!
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