[KS] Available literature on soft power and nation branding?

Andrew zatouichi at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 03:47:30 EDT 2012

Dear all,

This is on behalf on an undergraduate political science major.

Could anyone suggest literature on the topic of nation branding, which ROK
puts so much effort into?

"So I'm probably going to focus on the idea that a nation brand is not only
a way to increase the amount of tourists visiting the country or foreign
direct investment. It's also a way of (re)define the national identity and
can even be seen as dream picture of what the country want's to be in the
future. So it's also about nationalism in sense, and also about the idea
that states have become like corporations fighting over a market share with
other countries, so a country has a find an identity that's at the same
time okay with it's citizens and also profitable. There's also a question
of it working as guideline for foreign policy and also a quest to gain more
soft power. And I'm going to the focus on these ideas in non-western
context, meaning I'm going to look into South-Korea and Japan."

Andrew Logie
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