[KS] Available literature on soft power and nation branding?

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Dear Andrew and the Korean studies community,

I presented a paper in the Korean American Communication Association Division of the 2012 International Communication Association Convention on a similar topic. Below are some of the sources from my reference list. Perhaps your scholarly colleague will find them useful.

Hirata, Y. (2008). Touring ‘dramatic Korea’: Japanese women as viewers on hanryu dramas and tourists on hanryu tours. In C.B. Huet & K. Iwabuchi (Eds.) East Asian Pop Culture: Analyzing the Korean Wave (pp. 15-32). Aberdeen, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.

Lin, Y. & Huang, J. (2008). Analyzing the use of TV miniseries for Korea tourism marketing. Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 24 (2/3), 223-227.

Mori, Y. (2008). Winter Sonata and cultural practices of active fans in Japan: Considering middle-aged women as cultural agents. In C.B. Huet & K. Iwabuchi (Eds.) East Asian Pop Culture: Analyzing the Korean Wave (pp. 127-141). Aberdeen, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.

Ryoo, W. (2009). Globalization, or the logic of cultural hybridization: the case of the Korean wave. Asian Journal of Communication, 19(2), 137-151.
Shim, D. (2006). Hybridity and the rise of Korean popular culture in Asia. Media, Culture & Society, 28(1), 25-44.
Urry, J. (2002). The Tourist Gaze (5th ed.). London: Sage Publications Ltd. (This one is not specifically about South Korea, but it's an important work when discussing tourism.)

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On Sep 29, 2012, at 3:47 AM, Andrew wrote:

> Dear all,
> This is on behalf on an undergraduate political science major.
> Could anyone suggest literature on the topic of nation branding, which ROK puts so much effort into?
> "So I'm probably going to focus on the idea that a nation brand is not only a way to increase the amount of tourists visiting the country or foreign direct investment. It's also a way of (re)define the national identity and can even be seen as dream picture of what the country want's to be in the future. So it's also about nationalism in sense, and also about the idea that states have become like corporations fighting over a market share with other countries, so a country has a find an identity that's at the same time okay with it's citizens and also profitable. There's also a question of it working as guideline for foreign policy and also a quest to gain more soft power. And I'm going to the focus on these ideas in non-western context, meaning I'm going to look into South-Korea and Japan."
> sincerely
> Andrew Logie

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