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In early-1946, Korean refugees fled south from Soviet-occupied Hungnam. U.S. Intelligence in Seoul then began hearing consistent rumors of nuclear activities at a chemical plant there, which led to an investigation. During an interview with a professor at Seoul Technical College in July 1946, the professor named the five most distinguished scientists in all of Korea, among them Do Sang-rok who had fled north two months earlier.

I intend on describing the interview by U.S. Intelligence of that professor at Seoul Technical College in a forthcoming book, and perhaps an article on Do Sang-rok in a Russian newspaper. Given the current "nuclear" tensions in North Korea, my co-author, the editor of a Russian newspaper, believes the subject is a hot topic.

If anyone has a photo of Do Sang-rok at work in Seoul or later in Pyongyang, please contact me directly.

Thank you.
Bill Streifer 

Bill Streifer & Irek Sabitov
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