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Of course, one quick and easy option might be for you to print it out, scan it, and send it as an image,

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Dear Professor Baker,Thank you for your kind and quick instructions.
Actually this is not for me, but for another scholar who uses the Mac computer.I sent a document that has the old Korean. My question is how she can "read and print" my document, not typing the old Korean.Do you have any idea for her? How can she get the needed fonts to read and print the Old Korean?Best,Sung-Deuk Oak
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You can find the "area a" through the Character Viewer available at the bottom of the language flag along the menu bar.

Look in the last row of Hangul Jamo/Tone Marks There  you will seeㆍ  It's Unicode U + 318D There's another one at U + 119E
However, I can't figure out how to  insert the area a into the usual syllable format. Does anyone else know? 
Don Baker 
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Dear Mac users,I am wondering how to use the old Korean fonts (which has lower a) for the Mac OS.As I have not used the Mac computer at all, this question seems to be so simple to the Mac users.But when I check the Hancom.com who sell the Hancom Office 2010, they do not support an edition for the Mac.Thank you for your help,Sung Deuk OakUCLA 
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