[KS] Questions about tourism in JSA, Panmunjom

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That display of messages, memorials, is of fence on the South's side of the DMZ. The wire fence is a symbol of the fences on either side of the DMZ, not the real fencing. The display is at Imjin-gak, near the hulk of the locomotive mentioned in my earlier message. It's part of the overall upgrading -- if that's the right word -- of Imjin-gak as a huge memorial, amusement area. (Whether it's "art" or not is in the eye of the beholder.) Pls note, however, this entire display is south of the DMZ,  on the south side of the Imjin River. The train from Seoul makes a stop there, then on to Dora Station, the final stop before the DMZ.
Don Kirk

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> Of special interest of mine (as an Art Historian)
> is the visual presentation.
> (…) These articles generally reflect my sentiments:  
> a genuine sense of danger and menace, with an “amusement park” 
> presentation.

Ahh, an art historian … wonderful!
Here are all the answers to all your questions in compressed format:


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