[KS] Questions about tourism in JSA, Panmunjom

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Talking about art and the DMZ, there is currently an exhibition (or rather: an exhibition trail) in Cheolwon, Gangwon-do, organised by Artsonje, the REAL DMZ PROJECT (http://realdmz.org). Various artists from Korea and abroad have installed works on several points of the regular tourist tour. Although I have to say that most of the works didn't impress me that much, the tour was still worth it, for the various connections that can be drawn between the art and its military-touristy surroundings…and of course for the various local food goodies that were offered on site.

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> Of special interest of mine (as an Art Historian)
> is the visual presentation.
> (…) These articles generally reflect my sentiments:  
> a genuine sense of danger and menace, with an “amusement park” 
> presentation.

Ahh, an art historian … wonderful!
Here are all the answers to all your questions in compressed format:


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