[KS] quick questions: (a) language/phrase, (b) Mac question

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreanstudies.com
Tue Aug 20 12:44:44 EDT 2013

Dear All:

Within just a couple of minutes I received several direct mails with 
suggestions (THANK YOU!), and everyone felt knowing the context of that 
sentence might help to translate/understand it. Initially I did not 
want to post that, but okay, here we go again. 
랍입치히 대학 = Leipzig University, and mentioned Kim Chung-se was the 
first student ever to have studied in Germany, maybe in Europe. My 
problem is, as before, understanding the underlined part. Dr. Stefan 
Knoob pointed out that the 'tong' must mean "same as" as in Chinese 
grammar also (here in the sense of "same earlier mentioned professor." 
The "Dr. Kim" mentioned at the beginning of that line is identical to 
the "Mr. Kim Chung-se" within the parentheses. Still don't get it 
though, with that underlined phrase.


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