[KS] The Origins of the Korean Alphabet

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This should be 정기원 鄭基元 who lived 1899-1986 and did his PhD at 
Princeton. He later became a member of parliament in SK and thus can be 
easily found on the web.

Am 31.08.2013 03:20, schrieb King, Ross:
> I was not aware of this dissertation, and it seems to have escaped Gari Ledyard's attention in his 1966 Berkeley dissertation. It would certainly be interesting to see; Proquest does not have a pdf copy available for download. WorldCat lists a 4-page pamphlet by the same author titled "Korea must be free: historical sketch of Korean Independence Movement from March 1, 1919 to March 1, 1942."
> Do any list members have any information about the author and his fate? I presume the hangul  version of his name is 정계원 but does anybody have the Chinese characters?
> Proquest and WorldCat list the thesis as 1938; Kim Tkhia-khen (Kim T'ae-hyon) wrote his dissertation on 'Contemporary Korean writing' (with a section the history of the alphabet) in Russia one year later in 1939.
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> I've located 1937 Princeton University Ph.D. Thesis entitled "The Origins of the Korean Alphabet" by Chung Kei-won. In addition, I found a letter from the student to the Dean of the College and another letter to the Dean of the College concerning the student's application for a Ph.D. Is anyone aware of this thesis, and might it be worth republishing along with the above letters?
> Thank you.
> Bill Streifer

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