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Volume 15 of *BAKS Papers*  has now been published and is available on-line
at www.baks.org.uk.

This issue is a special edition dedicated to considerations of what the
Korean peninsula might look like in the year 2032.

Based on papers given at the 2012 symposium 'Korea's Place in the World:
Now and Twenty Years Hence',  Volume 15 includes the following articles:
Hyun-Gwi Park, ‘The ‘Multicultural Family’ and the Politics of Selective
Inclusion in South Korea’
Glen David Kuecker, ‘South Korea’s New Songdo City: From Neo-liberal
Globalisation to the Twenty-first Century Green Economy’
Robert Winstanley-Chesters, ‘2032: Juche-Oriented Environmental Futures’
Young-hae Chi, ‘Gazing into the Crystal Ball: Environmental Crises as a
Formative Factor for the Korea of 2032’
Bum Chul Shin and Il Han Bae, ‘North Korea’s Dual Network of Mobile
Telecommunications Systems and the Futures of the Korean Peninsula’
Christopher K. Green and Steven C. Denney, ‘An Institutional Approach to
Economic Reform and Development: Towards a Developmental Understanding of
North Korea’

James H. Grayson, Editor
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