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Call for papers for a special issue of the *Korea Journal*: *"South Korea's
Economic Development, Domestic Politics, and International Relations"*

*Korea Journal *solicits submissions for an upcoming special issue that
will address "South Korea's economic development, domestic politics, and
international relations."

South Korea's economic development has attracted significant scholarly
attention. Previous studies have focused on how South Korea developed its
economy, and government planning, rates of education, high rates of
domestic savings, and hard work ethics have commonly been noted as critical
factors that facilitated rapid growth.

Although South Korea’s economic development ultimately facilitated the
country’s democratization, as well as caused the country to adapt its
policies on international diplomacy, there is a lack of scholarly
literature concerning how South Korea's development has impacted its
domestic politics and international relations.

The contribution of this special issue is twofold. First, we shift the
focus from the factors that contributed to the country’s economic
development to the impact of such development on both domestic politics and
international diplomacy. Second, we hope to initiate a theoretical debate
on the political implications of economic development, using South Korea as
a case study. Thus, this special issue will make a significant contribution
to both Korean studies and the ongoing research on developing nations.

Tentative manuscripts:

1. The Effects of Economic Development on Domestic Politics and
International Relations in South Korea

2. The Paradoxes in Globalization's Economic Empowerment of South Korea

Proposal Deadline: January 31, 2014

Please submit manuscript proposals to Professor Sung Deuk Hahm (
hahm33 at hotmail.com), Editor-in-Chief, or Professor Uk Heo (heouk at uwm.edu),

Korea Journal
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