[KS] Dr. Kumja Kim's lecture on Korean Art on Jan. 23, 2014 at Portland State University

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Dear members,

If you come near Portland area, please come and attend the following

The PSU Institute for Asian Studies'

*Quarterly Korean Program Series
<http://www.pdx.edu/asian-studies/quarterly-korean-event-series>* welcomes:

*Dr. Kumja Paik Kim, Curator Emerita of Korean Art, Asian Art Museum of San

for a public lecture* "Confucian Ideals in Korean Visual Culture"*

*Thurday, January 23, 2014*
*6:00 PM*
Location:  PSU campus, Smith Memorial Student Union, SMSU room TBA
1825 SW Broadway

Korea’s last dynasty, Joseon (1392-1910), lasted over 500 years despite
Mongol, Japanese, and Manchu invasions. From its beginning Joseon rulers
adopted Neo-Confucianism as the dynasty’s guiding philosophy. At the core
of Neo-Confucian teachings were the ethical standards and moral values
commonly known as the “Three Bonds and Five Relationships” (*Samgang Oryun*).
The virtues advocated in the “Three Bonds and Five Relationships”
profoundly influenced the behaviors and attitudes of the people. Pictorial
themes such as King Jeongjo’s Journey to Hwaseong (*Hwaseong Neungheang-do*),
Scholar’s Accoutrements (*Chaekgeori*), and Painting of Eight Ideographs (
*Munja-do*) will be discussed to illustrate the extent to which the
Confucian ideal of ethical codes had permeated every aspect of Joseon
society including its visual culture.

Read more about Dr. Kumja Paik Kim
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