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Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
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I am not sure that everyone is aware of the bilingual series of Korean poetry being produced by the "Foreign Language Publications" of the Ohio State University. Four volumes have so far been published, each with about 40 poems by one poet. The poets are those who have received the Ku Sang Award in Korea, and the series is edited by Prof. Chan E. Park. The series is designed for classroom use and includes many detailed suggestions and materials (questions, discussion topics, etc) for class exercises as well as introductions to the poets. Volume 1 contains poems by Kim Hyung-Young; Vol. 2 by Yoo An-Jin; Vol. 3 by Hwang Tong-gyu and Vol. 4 poems by Hong Yunsook. Until this year Prof. Park has been the translator but for the most recent  Hong Yunsook selection I am the translator. This series does not enjoy a wide distribution, the books can only be obtained from the publisher, essentially by going to the complete list at http://flpubs.osu.edu/cataloglist.cfm then doing a search using the keyword "Korean". The Hong Yunsook volume can be found at http://flpubs.osu.edu/catalog_details.cfm?PubKey=307 

This is not a prestigious set of publications, but it gives access to the work of poets who are senior figures with few translations available. Hong Yunsook was born in 1925 and is of the same generation of women poets as Kim Nam-cho, the two, together with Ku Sang, being the Catholic poets who came to the fore in the 1950s and 1960s.

I hope this may be of interest

Brother Anthony
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