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Dear Colleagues,

The July meeting of the Chousenshi Kenkyuukai will be held Saturday, July 20 at
Senshuu University's Kanda campus from 1:30 pm. This month's speakers, who will
present in Japanese, are below.

Research Presentation

O YOngho. "The Decolonization
of Education in Korean Schools in Japan and the Logic of Life: Language
Education, Natural Science Education, and History Education in the 1950s and


Book Review

Nakano Kouta. Yagi Takeshi, "Kankoku –
Chousenshi no keifu: Minzoku ishiki ryouiki ishiki no hensen o tadoru,” Haniwa shobou, 2012.



The meeting will begin
at 1:30 pm in Building No. 2 Room 209 on the Senshuu University campus. Senshuu
University is located near Suidobashi, Kudanshita, and Jinbochou stations. For
further information, please contact Ken Robinson.

Ken Robinson

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