[KS] Map of Seoul; 경조오부도(京兆五部圖) in Hangul at AGS Library, Milwaukee, WI

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Dear Frank,

Thanks for the response but;

1. I am still waiting for your answer to my previous question on maps in
Hangul other than Garbor map and 경조오부도.

2. I did not say the commoners used maps in Hangul because, I think, there
were non other than above two.

3. The World Maps in Unique Korean Chonhados are not " based on Chinese
these are uniquely Korean World maps in Hanmun.


Yoo Kwang-On

On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 3:19 AM, Frank Hoffmann
<hoffmann at koreanstudies.com>wrote:

> The importance of the Gabor map that Gari Ledyard introduced relates to
> the use of Han'gŭl in the eighteenth century, and only to this. There
> is a long list of questions that would have to be formulated that this
> discovery brings with it, on the use of the script at that time and how
> and where exactly it was utilized for what purposes, and that again
> relates to questions of class, education, etc. I may remind you that
> Professor Ledyard convincingly dated the map to the 18th century; for
> specialists in other areas, those are the years starting with a 17, not
> 18 or 19 :)
> Now you come with yet another map with CHINESE inscriptions, and even a
> world map based on Chinese maps, and the only relation to the issue
> discussed here is that you nonchalantly claim 'commoners' (in the 18th
> century!) would use maps with place names in Hanmun and Han'gŭl for
> traveling. Maybe in a K-Pop movie, I believe that. Otherwise, unless
> you can provide any sort of evidence or clear argumentation (we all are
> always open for surprises), it would be great if we can get back to the
> actual issue, which is just too interesting and too important to
> overpaint it like this. Thanks.
> Frank
> Yoo Kwang-On wrote:
> > This is my response to Frank Hoffman's question that he posed on July
> 4th,
> > "Does it mean that commoners were using maps to travel. (I can
> > hardly imagine that!)"
> >
> > Presuming that the travelers' maps he is mentioning were either in Hangul
> > or Hanmun, the answer is, "Yes".
> (…)
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> Frank Hoffmann
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