[KS] The third comments on the Romanization of Korean surnames by Sang-Oak Lee

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*Jul 4, 2013, Koreanstudies Digest, Vol 121, Issue 12*, *Dr. Carolin Dunkel*

In fact, there is a discussion in German libraries about changing the
romanization system from McCune-Reischauer to a more comfortable system.
(Maybe the one that was suggested by the Korean government in 1959.) The
reason is that we are looking for a romanization that could be done
automatically.* ----[Italicized part by Sang-Oak Lee: This is partly
possible even with RR 2000 since I, as one of six members in the 1999
committee, insisted to insert *(8) When it is necessary to convert
Romanized Korean back to Hangeul in special cases such as in academic
articles, Romanization is done according to Hangeul spelling and not
pronunciation. Each Hangeul letter is Romanized as explained in section 2
except that ㄱ, ㄷ, ㅂ, ㄹ are always written as g, d, b, l. When ㅇ has no
sound value, it is replaced by a hyphen may also be used when it is
necessary to distinguish between syllables. *In terms of* ‘*assimilation’
which is applied in 2000, however, 1959 is closer to mechanical
transliteration excluding assimilation.]*

* *

*4 Jul 2013, Koreanstudies Digest, Vol 121, Issue 14, From: don kirk*

"Choi" for Chae or Jae

*[Choi 88.51%,  Choe 10.20%,  Choy 0.24%, --- Chae 0.09%, --- no J--.
(p.184 in my report, “The Romanization of Korean Surnames” published by the
Ministry of Culture.) It shows Korean people with this surname have chosen
Choi customarily without any logical reason like Lee.]*

*7 Jul 2013, Koreanstudies Digest, Vol 121, Issue 15, Prof. Boudewijn

Recommendation rather than prescription would be my preference.

*[Korean government is in between these two but many people ask to
prescribe it to avoid any rejection of entry among the same family members
in the foreign airport because of different romaninzation.]  *

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