[KS] Good news to the Romanization of Korean surnames

Sangoak Lee sangoak2 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 01:55:42 EDT 2013

 *Dear *Junghee* Lee and all, *

At this moment, it seems there is no website to show MR and RR system side
by side on the web.
Thus I have contacted an expert in this area, a professor in computer
science of engineering school who have involved in machine translation with
me, promised that his team in Busan University will develop a converting
program in about three months.
*I assume this S/W is more complex in terms of* ‘*assimilation’which is
applied in MR & 2000 comapring to 1959 which is closer to mechanical
transliteration excluding assimilation*
*San-Oak Lee, in Busan*

For those of us who teach Korean culture to college students it is a huge

 problem.  The students who do not know Korean language cannot find the

 materials due to the discrepancies in Romanization in the library,

 databases and on the web.  They cannot even look up the articles because

 the author's names and momuments (e.g. Seokgulam as opposed to Sokkuram)

 are written differently.  This will only make teaching and learning Korean

 culture almost impossible.   If there is a link of different systems when

 the students look up the Korean terms, that can be helpful.  Now there are

 website to show Wade-Gile and Pinyin system side by side on the web.


Junghee Lee

이상억 Sang-Oak Lee/www.sangoak.com
Prof. Emeritus, Dep't of Korean
College of Humanities, Seoul Nat'l Univ.
Seoul 151-745, Korea
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