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Dear Sang-Oak,

> [Chuck] So I've been writing in RR since 1998 or so, and now my
> dictionaries contain almost 100,000 entries in
> total, where RR is used for the Korean.------ [Sang-Oak] The six-member
> committee met about 10 times only in 1999 and announced its result in 2000.
> I don't know who you met around that time and in 1998 the outline of
> 2000 RR was not formulated.

I could be off by a year. The main formal event I have in mind was a 
Japan-Korean friendship conference held at Shimane prefectural 
university, which I though was in 1998, but perhaps it was later than 
that. Around that time, a few members of the committee, most of whose 
names I can't remember (but one was the younger brother of Shim 
Jae-ryong; I think his name is Shim Jae-gi, or something like that) 
came, and in the discussions, I was encouraged to support the new 
system. I also met some other members informally in Seoul around that 
time. I had previously been using the prior government-supported system, 
which used final  b/d/g instead of p/t/k.

> Please give me an access address of
> your dictionary.

There are two dictionaries:

(1) Classical Chinese dictionary http://www.buddhism-dict.net/dealt
(2) Buddhist Terms dictionary http://www.buddhism-dict.net/ddb

Most major universities in the West have institutional subscriptions, 
but I see that SNU does not. 
(http://www.buddhism-dict.net/ddb/subscribing_libraries.html) In that 
case, you can do 10 searches a day using "guest" as the user ID, leaving 
the password field blank.



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