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With all the attention given to the romanization of Korean family names, I
am wondering one question.

I have been told repeatedly that the Koreans, if nothing else, are
intensely nationalistic. If so, why in the world so many Yi (or I), Pak (or
Bag), and others are so eager to identify themselves with Western names,
such as Lee, Park, and others.


On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 4:35 AM, Charles Muller <acmuller at l.u-tokyo.ac.jp>wrote:

> Dear Sang-Oak,
>  [Chuck] So I've been writing in RR since 1998 or so, and now my
>> dictionaries contain almost 100,000 entries in
>> total, where RR is used for the Korean.------ [Sang-Oak] The six-member
>> committee met about 10 times only in 1999 and announced its result in
>> 2000.
>> I don't know who you met around that time and in 1998 the outline of
>> 2000 RR was not formulated.
> I could be off by a year. The main formal event I have in mind was a
> Japan-Korean friendship conference held at Shimane prefectural university,
> which I though was in 1998, but perhaps it was later than that. Around that
> time, a few members of the committee, most of whose names I can't remember
> (but one was the younger brother of Shim Jae-ryong; I think his name is
> Shim Jae-gi, or something like that) came, and in the discussions, I was
> encouraged to support the new system. I also met some other members
> informally in Seoul around that time. I had previously been using the prior
> government-supported system, which used final  b/d/g instead of p/t/k.
>  Please give me an access address of
>> your dictionary.
> There are two dictionaries:
> (1) Classical Chinese dictionary http://www.buddhism-dict.net/**dealt<http://www.buddhism-dict.net/dealt>
> (2) Buddhist Terms dictionary http://www.buddhism-dict.net/**ddb<http://www.buddhism-dict.net/ddb>
> Most major universities in the West have institutional subscriptions, but
> I see that SNU does not. (http://www.buddhism-dict.net/**
> ddb/subscribing_libraries.html<http://www.buddhism-dict.net/ddb/subscribing_libraries.html>
> **) In that case, you can do 10 searches a day using "guest" as the user
> ID, leaving the password field blank.
> Regards,
> Chuck
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