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I'm sure this is not what you meant, but I am aware of only one  Jew in Korea during WWII. 

As you may know, there were no American personnel on the ground in all of Korea throughout the war. And it is safe to say that none of the Germans geologists and scientists in northern Korea at that time were Jewish. The only possibilities of Jews in northern Korea that I am aware of is a Jewish airman named Arthur Strilky whose B-29 Superfortress bomber (while on a POW supply mission to Hungnam) was shot down by Soviet Yak fighters a few days before the Japanese signed the instrument of surrender on September 2, 1945. Another possibility -- that I could check -- is that some of the 354 British and Australians (and a Canadian doctor) at that POW camp might have been Jewish.



Dear All,
>I'm looking for information regarding the Jewish community in Korea during the Japanese Occupation. Do some of you have some stuff regarding this issue ? Or maybe any kind of advices ?
>Thanks you in advance
>Kind Regards,
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